The Hague (Den Haag): Surinamestraat 24 (2nd Floor), 2585 GJ Den Haag.

Transport & Parking: Tram 9 Halte: Javabrug. Paid parking is available in front of the office. 


Amsterdam: Van Eeghenlaan 27, 1071 EN Amsterdam (Het Coachhuis)

Transport & Parking: Tram 2/5 Halte: Van Baerlestraat. Paid parking is available in front of the office. 


Rotterdam: Wijnhaven 42, 3011 WS Rotterdam (Het Coachhuis)

Transport & Parking: Train to Rotterdam Blaak Station. Metro to Rotterdam Blaak Station. Tram 21/24 Halte: Keizeratraat. Paid Parking is available in front of the office. 


Utrecht: Catharijnesingel 56-57, 3511 GE Utrecht (Het Coachhuis)

Transport & Parking: Train to Utrecht Centraal Station. Paid Parking is available in front of the office. 


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The Hague (Den Haag)                Amsterdam                                      Rotterdam                                       Utrecht







Surinamestraat 24 (2nd Floor)

2585 GJ, Den Haag



Tel: +31 (0) 628023034

Skype: live:peter.paffrath_1


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